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America’s High-Performance Road Base Evolution

LithTec™ is a High-Performance combination of proprietary premium components with traditional cementitious elements that when mixed in road base soils create unprecedented strength in road foundations. Combining LithTec™ with onsite roadway materials shifts structural credits from the surface to the foundation. LithTec™ is customized for various roadway materials including sand, clays, base course and FDR. Road designs including LithTec™ allow reduced base depths, pavement thickness, as well as lowering costs.

Rebuilding Failing Asphalt and Gravel Roads for a Fraction of the Cost


“Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure with High Performance Roads”

Learn how LithTec’s eco-friendly product is customized and tested for each road’s base materials to optimize road performance at lower cost to construct and maintain.

Bob Sherwin CEO of Lithified Technologies shares the compelling data that solves the underlying problems beneath failing asphalt roads with “Accelerated Lithification”.

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